Tuesday, March 9, 2010

more KL.

Lagerfeld did it again... Chanel's Fall 2010 presentation looks. un. believable. He stationed a faux iceberg in the middle of the runway & had his girls appear as if they were strutting on ice... I think the whole concept is so stunning. Any theatrical or retail visual set-up, of course I am enamored with, but Lagerfeld seems to always take it to the next level. His eye for detail is impeccable... and yet he still maintains an overall ambiance that doesn't get lost or confused. This collection also seems to have subtle nods to Coco.... {the boots & tweed, which, in my opinion, he has strayed from the last few seasons} but he also used tons of faux fur... tons. I love his vision & creativity.... & can't wait to see more! wow oh wow.
{images from here.}

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