Thursday, November 19, 2009


I am fully aware that I am about a month and a half late on this post... Spring in the fashion industry has been put to bed. its a done deal. a closed book. We're already creeping into Fall 2010. {its actually a sad state of affairs, I don't feel like I ever get to dwell in the season I am actually living in.} However, ever since I saw Chanel's Spring 2010 presentation at Paris Fashion week in WWD, I find myself going back to look at Lagerfield's not only pure genius execution in RTW apparel, but his creative use of natural elements on the set. I cannot get it out of my head. I'm stuck. I can't move on.
Oh, {sigh} the construction... Lagerfield used rough linen, jute & raffia throughout this collection without sacrificing if I can say, any of the 'Coco' that makes Chanel, with a classic Chanel jacket in beige, modernized with linen sleeves and wool torso.
His detailing was impeccable. He styled his models with windblown hair, doing the simple things in life like churning butter, feeding animals, rolling in the hay, and tending to the garden. Farmer Lagerfield even wore his jeans, with crocodile boots, that eventually turned green from all the hay.
The rustic atmosphere and look he created, in my opinion, made for one of most sophisticated shows for the Spring season.
After the show, Lagerfield said, “It's Coco Ecolo, ecology can be chic. No? One can use natural fabrics and learn from nature." Couldn't have said it better myself Karl, couldn't have said it better myself. ha. :)

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