Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We are obsessed with Discovery Channel's new series called, Life. It is absolutely fabulous & in HD, it literally blows you away. We are hooked. {The narration is by Oprah, whom I am not in love with, but she actually does a really great job.} The photography & videography is stunning... I sit there and keep saying out loud, "I don't know how you can watch this & believe that there is not a God..." The detail in Creation and the thought that went into it are truly exquisite & astounding. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't yet. {If you missed it, feel free to pop over & enjoy it on our couch... they are on our TiVo list for life.} Enjoy!

Friday, March 26, 2010

a weekend of celebrations...

Its hard to believe this sweet, little thing has grown up...
and she turns one year old....

on our two year anniversary! I really cannot believe its been two years... and I have loved every. single. second.
We are taking off Monday to celebrate & play... since this weekend we will be celebrating dear friends in their state of bachelorette / bachelor- dome.

and on another, very important note this weekend: Sic 'em Bears! BU is in the Sweet 16...
{this pic is from last weekend at a roller rink with best friends, donning our Baylor gear in the greatest, most appropriate of locales. It was a blast. Yes, we are both in our spirited Baylor paraphernalia, supporting, as always.}

Happy 2 year Ry, Happy Birthday Senga, Good Luck to my Baylor Bears, & Congrats B & P!

Like I said, its been one heck of a year... and here's to a great, celebratory weekend! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Love this beautiful, sweet Parisian commerical that aired during the Superbowl for Google.... how did I miss this? You guys probably have seen it, but I had to share if not. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

much needed today...

Yes, dear folks, this is a pool. The world's largest, at that.
From the National Geographic's blog:
"Covering 20 acres and stretching half a mile, the swimming hole at Chile’s San Alfonso del Mar resort is a 115-foot-deep, 66-milliongallon monster. (An Olympic-size pool is “only” 164 feet long, 6 feet 7 inches deep, 660,000 gallons.) Built for $3.5 million by the Chilean firm Crystal Lagoons, which aims to open an even vaster version in the Egyptian desert, the pool has delighted resort guests and curiosity seekers since 2007. Now athletes are joining the list."

I need, want, am dying to escape there today... I will beg, cheat, borrow & steal for the chance. (jk, mom.)

{image source unknown?}

On that note, if I am, in fact, stuck here today, I need to print this out for my office as a daily reminder, that, or drive by it every morning before work. :)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 22, 2010

their humble beginings.

Yes, this is Angelina Jolie. It's from her first modeling shoot from when she was 15, posing for photographer Harry Langdon... The images are being auctioned off this Friday along with many other famous fresh faces... like SJP, Halle Berry, & Kirsten Dunst.
I mean, come on, how are her lips & skin are still the same? no fair.

Friday, March 19, 2010


You guys probably have seen this blog before, Missed Connections, by Sophie Blackall, but I recently just stumbled upon it & adore the concept. Sophie illustrates beautiful, sweet, & funny... missed connections. Hundreds of people write in & attempt to reconnect with people that they wished they had reached out to... on a train, in passing, from a quick glance.
It reminds me of "Serendipity" lived out in everyday life. Love it.

just for fun.

Remember the Treadmill, "Ok Go" video, this one is pretty leigt, as well... enjoy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I mean, I knew dogs looked like their owners, but this takes the cake. Pups compared to typography... oh, I love it.
{via here.}

and come on, you knew I had to do one for miss Senga... she's definately Alexandria. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


After more than 75+ logged man hours, {no exaggeration} we are finally done with the kitchen! I really don't think you understand how excited we are... plus, we have our weekends & cocina back, {plus our garage}. It was all DIY... {even my strained, tedious attempt at making the curtains} which is the reason it took us so long, but we saved lots of moola & actually {at times} had a lot fun doing it. It feels so good to be done, esp. after working so long & hard!
My wonderful father came & helped with the painting multiple times... thank you, thank you dad!
{We didn't take any before pics, so these are from random occasions}

{right after we moved in 2 yrs ago.}

{at Christmas 2009}

{sanded, stripped, de-glossed}

{primed & caulked}

{our set- up in the garage.}
After: {sorry, the quality of these pics are not the best.}

We think it really opens the kitchen up... if you can't tell, the walls are a grey-ish blue... We are excited to just veg on the couch this week! {again, sorry if the pics are a weird hue.} Happy Tuesday!

Friday, March 12, 2010

tear sheets.

I have an obsession with tear sheets... {I know, its odd... but we established I am weird a while ago.} Ripping them out, organizing them, scouring through them for ideas, making notes on them... sigh, now that's my perfect idea of where to spend my free time, with a cup of coffee and a large slice of cake, of course.
My tear sheets {photographed above} now reside at work where they are more accessible... but many days, certain files travel on little trips with me to and from home on the train.
I get a lot of magazines & used to save most of them, however, that got insane & way out of hand. So, with the exception of W mag., (which is too sacred to tear apart, ha) I now consolidate, tear, and mark up will my little hearts content... leaving me much more space for, well, more clutter.
I really recommend it... you'll start to see & hone in on where your tastes lie. I organize in files, ie. lighting, fabric, by room.. kitchen, offices... fashion, but you can create them however you like. It just gets all your thoughts together for future reference & when it comes time to make a decision, kill time, or be inspired, they are right there at your fingertips for your perusal. :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

for today.

Loving these thoughts for the day...
My husband's motto in life is "mind over matter," & I'm slowly trucking along & working on making it mine as well... it really is unbelievable what you can talk yourself into, {or out of, for that matter}... and that someone simply being around you daily can gradually alter your overall mindset so dramatically.
I am also loving this concept LV ran with. Wow, how refreshing & beautiful... headlines read "Curvy, Adult, Diverse Models Walk Louis Vuitton."
and to top it off, who's not ready for summer?
{photo credits? I pulled so long ago & forgot to save sources?}

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

more KL.

Lagerfeld did it again... Chanel's Fall 2010 presentation looks. un. believable. He stationed a faux iceberg in the middle of the runway & had his girls appear as if they were strutting on ice... I think the whole concept is so stunning. Any theatrical or retail visual set-up, of course I am enamored with, but Lagerfeld seems to always take it to the next level. His eye for detail is impeccable... and yet he still maintains an overall ambiance that doesn't get lost or confused. This collection also seems to have subtle nods to Coco.... {the boots & tweed, which, in my opinion, he has strayed from the last few seasons} but he also used tons of faux fur... tons. I love his vision & creativity.... & can't wait to see more! wow oh wow.
{images from here.}

mini desk.

My sweet friend Haley called me this weekend to let me know that she passed by some little discarded school desks on the side of the road headed for the landfill... so, of course, I scrambled over to the locale and plucked one up. It is not as precious as the one above, but with a little work {later on in life} it will be perfect for a little kid's breakfast nook in our kitchen or, more importantly, an arts & crafts area for them to expound on their creative endeavors. I am thinking a deep charcoal grey with a bitty stainless steel stool & affixing little cup holders to the side for their pink pearl erasures, no. 2 pencils, and crumbly crayons. No worries, it will be residing in the attic for now. {since there is not an occupant} Plus, completing our kitchen is the main focus at the moment & reason for my MIA-ness. I am ready to have our kitchen back! Happy Tuesday!

Friday, March 5, 2010

kate spade's abode.

Check out Kate Spade's gorgeous home featured on Habitually Chic. Every color scheme & material, in my opinion, is so fresh & timeless. I love how she places surprising pops of color & elements with such fun, unique textures in almost every nook & cranny... leaving you somehow intrigued for more. I feel like I would walk around with such a fun pep in my step if I stayed here... read more.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hugh Stewart is one of my favorite lifestyle photographers... his work is absolutely stunning & his list clients are the proof, ranging anywhere from Harper's & Vogue to J. Crew & Travel & Leisure. His use of color and location, combined with the effortless-ness he evokes, makes me unable to stop looking at his work. It is just so beautiful. so timeless. so intriguing... his talent makes me want to step into the world of all his editorials... you can check out more of his work on his site. Enjoy!