Monday, March 1, 2010


Welcome to our kitchen!
It is in complete & utter disarray receiving a face lift & many logged man hours for the next couple of weeks.

Things I have learned {thus far}:
- We use our kitchen more frequently than I ever realized. It is a process getting just a glass of water or a snack. Heck, a spoon for that matter...
- Saw dust can dominate your life. period.
- I will never work with oil based paint again... mark. my. words.
- There is more wood than a forest in our kitchen.
- The Fraziers make an awesome team. We think alike, we work hard, and we make it fun. We pick up where the other leaves off... dare I saw we are {sort of} enjoying the challenge. He's pretty great.

Happy early Anniversary present to us! {We wanted to start early so we could enjoy it & I can't wait!} more to come...


katie said...

ya'll are too cool! can't wait to see the results!

Mrs. K Grandjean said...

Woo woo! I am impressed missy! I really want to know how it turns out... we are looking at re-doing our cabinets too and I would like to know if we would be capable of it or if we should hire... Kyle and I arent quite as cooly capable! lol