Tuesday, March 23, 2010

much needed today...

Yes, dear folks, this is a pool. The world's largest, at that.
From the National Geographic's blog:
"Covering 20 acres and stretching half a mile, the swimming hole at Chile’s San Alfonso del Mar resort is a 115-foot-deep, 66-milliongallon monster. (An Olympic-size pool is “only” 164 feet long, 6 feet 7 inches deep, 660,000 gallons.) Built for $3.5 million by the Chilean firm Crystal Lagoons, which aims to open an even vaster version in the Egyptian desert, the pool has delighted resort guests and curiosity seekers since 2007. Now athletes are joining the list."

I need, want, am dying to escape there today... I will beg, cheat, borrow & steal for the chance. (jk, mom.)

{image source unknown?}

On that note, if I am, in fact, stuck here today, I need to print this out for my office as a daily reminder, that, or drive by it every morning before work. :)

Happy Tuesday!

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