Tuesday, March 9, 2010

mini desk.

My sweet friend Haley called me this weekend to let me know that she passed by some little discarded school desks on the side of the road headed for the landfill... so, of course, I scrambled over to the locale and plucked one up. It is not as precious as the one above, but with a little work {later on in life} it will be perfect for a little kid's breakfast nook in our kitchen or, more importantly, an arts & crafts area for them to expound on their creative endeavors. I am thinking a deep charcoal grey with a bitty stainless steel stool & affixing little cup holders to the side for their pink pearl erasures, no. 2 pencils, and crumbly crayons. No worries, it will be residing in the attic for now. {since there is not an occupant} Plus, completing our kitchen is the main focus at the moment & reason for my MIA-ness. I am ready to have our kitchen back! Happy Tuesday!

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