Friday, March 12, 2010

tear sheets.

I have an obsession with tear sheets... {I know, its odd... but we established I am weird a while ago.} Ripping them out, organizing them, scouring through them for ideas, making notes on them... sigh, now that's my perfect idea of where to spend my free time, with a cup of coffee and a large slice of cake, of course.
My tear sheets {photographed above} now reside at work where they are more accessible... but many days, certain files travel on little trips with me to and from home on the train.
I get a lot of magazines & used to save most of them, however, that got insane & way out of hand. So, with the exception of W mag., (which is too sacred to tear apart, ha) I now consolidate, tear, and mark up will my little hearts content... leaving me much more space for, well, more clutter.
I really recommend it... you'll start to see & hone in on where your tastes lie. I organize in files, ie. lighting, fabric, by room.. kitchen, offices... fashion, but you can create them however you like. It just gets all your thoughts together for future reference & when it comes time to make a decision, kill time, or be inspired, they are right there at your fingertips for your perusal. :) Enjoy!


Amber Rawlings said...

so funny! i just posted asking for help because i have too many magazines but dont want to throw away! great advice!!!

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