Friday, September 30, 2011

gasp -worthy.

I audibly gasped out loud when I saw this sweater... soft metallic gold leather elbow patches & grey neutral cashmere... this sweater is right up my alley. {however, its absurd price is not.} I am on a mission already to figure out how to make this myself... I really want it that bad.

On another note, this lantern festival is pretty "gasp-worthy" as well... I would love to attend one of these in person. {one can dream, right?} Can you imagine sitting on a blanket in the grass with a glass of wine staring up at this... sigh. Maybe I would be wearing the aforementioned sweater. ha.

Happy Weekend! More nursery working is on the docket this weekend... I was already born with an overly obsessed impulse to nest & now it is at an embarrassing all time high. really. Just ask my mother how many times my room changed throughout my life... now, with a babe on the way, it is truly scary. :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

First Official Day of Fall!

Eureka! I have found the perfect banana bread... finally. I know I have shared my harrowing quest for the perfect recipe & have succeeded with no avail until last night. Tyler Florence's Banana Bread is PERFECTION. I made some homemade honey-butter (3/4 stick melted salted butter / to half parts honey) and schmeared it over a large, thick slice this morning for breakfast next to my first Pumpkin Spice latte of the season... oh, welcome fall & all you have to bring!

Happy First day of Fall! We'll be decorating the house for fall & nesting in the nursery this weekend & I could not be more excited! Date night at La Duni tonight & making these Pumpkin Gingerbread waffles to kick of the fall weekend tomorrow morning...

Happy Happy Friday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Art Walk.

Downtown Dallas had a little Art Walk on Main Street today... I absolutely love the concept, thought process, & effort behind it. People just rented out the metered parking spaces, set up booths & got everyone out of their offices/ building for just a bit to enjoy the weather. Such a nice change of pace.

There was live music to be heard, small flower/ succulent gardens, a miniature recycled library to "take & share" from, & small art installations to see. Many of the booths passed out literature on their cause or focused on recycling efforts for the city. They had a Hatch Chile booth where you watched the chilies being grilled, steam bathed, and peeled.... and oh it smelled heavenly. I feel like I learned a little bit about the variety, as well. The company funding this was passing various typed of chilies to try, prepared in different ways. {Ahem, the panko battered, deep fried, bacon & melted cheese topped Chile was my fav... no surprise there.}

It was a fun little getaway from the day on our lunch break... yummy pizza for lunch, art browsing, and hatch chilies for dessert. :) Now I'm ready for the weekend.

Happiest of Fridays! Go check it out this weekend if you get a chance & live in Dallas... I was not able to find information online about it, but maybe you'll have better luck!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I heart JL.

I know, I post about Jenna ALL the time... but how can you not get enough of her? She was just featured in UK Vogue... and it proves, yet again, that her taste & styling is. always. absolutely. utterly. impeccable.

{images from here. via here. }

MZ Wallace.

I am here to share with you my love for the company of MZ Wallace. Her bags have been on my forever wish list for over 4 years now... I just keep going back to them. The craftsmanship is amazing and the attention to detail, outstanding. All their bags are lined with a satin, bright, fun pop of color so you can actually see what you are digging for, the leather is trimmed in red, & the gold hardware is inset in the coordinating red satin. The celebs seem to be catching on to the trend now because my little eye has spied them in People and Us as of late... I can spot these puppies anywhere.

My only issue is trying to find a purposeful excuse to "need" one. Enter diaper bag search... I thought I had it figured out until I decided to once again just drool over their webpage last week just for fun and low & behold THE "Kate" bag entered my field of vision. (see last image) {hear the choir singing?} An MZ Wallace Diaper bag, perfect in every way, shape & form... I am in love. Its already been forwarded to the hubs for perusal, FYI purposes, as well as approval since it might don his shoulder every now & then. :)

This post is solely dedicated to the purpose of doting on MZ Wallace... check them out. They are one of those few & far between quality companies that you know when you buy their product, it will stand the test of time... they are also a socially conscious company which makes you want to support them even more. They have boutiques in New York, however, you can find them now out at your local Nordstrom. (I know, after this, you will never hear me plug Nordstrom, again... I will stay true to the red, white & NM.}

Happy perusal & happy Friday's eve!