Friday, September 30, 2011

gasp -worthy.

I audibly gasped out loud when I saw this sweater... soft metallic gold leather elbow patches & grey neutral cashmere... this sweater is right up my alley. {however, its absurd price is not.} I am on a mission already to figure out how to make this myself... I really want it that bad.

On another note, this lantern festival is pretty "gasp-worthy" as well... I would love to attend one of these in person. {one can dream, right?} Can you imagine sitting on a blanket in the grass with a glass of wine staring up at this... sigh. Maybe I would be wearing the aforementioned sweater. ha.

Happy Weekend! More nursery working is on the docket this weekend... I was already born with an overly obsessed impulse to nest & now it is at an embarrassing all time high. really. Just ask my mother how many times my room changed throughout my life... now, with a babe on the way, it is truly scary. :)

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