Monday, April 18, 2011

random musings monday.

We got back from a delightful weekend spending time with best friends in Houston... it consisted of some golfing for the men, manis/pedis & time with celeb mags & guac by the pool for the ladies & lots yummy food. Not only did our gracious host make us delicious treats, but we also indulged in mimosas & breakfast at Tiny Boxwoods. { so cute & delish.} It was a much needed weekend away & time with these individuals never disappoints & always hit the spot.

I'm still in my purging & organizing state... once you start, you really cannot stop. These images above only fueled the fire... I am on a mission to get rid of the clutter & that which I absolutely do not love. Ry & I are not sentimental "savers," but "repourposing savers." If I think I can remake something out of it or reuse it one day down the road, I'll keep it. Why DIY a piece, when you never loved the shape, concept, etc to begin with? I'm working on it people. {images via lgn.}
I have a sick, mad, obsession with all things Elizabeth & James... I tend to gravitate towards almost every piece, wherever I go. This is a problem... I really must expand from my love for neutrals. Their Fall 2011 is to. die. for.

A few new posts up at MF Creative Designs.... plus a new logo for my little side venture.
I have the goods... I just need to make them. P-Dub's Crash Hot Potatoes look absolutely divine and are on the menu for this week. You really can't go wrong with anything Rosemary... (esp when it grows in massive bushes in your backyard. I can't keep up.)
I can't believe I haven't blogged about these little gems, yet... I took this pic before I hung these beautiful pieces & was waiting to take an after shot of them in our home, however, I am a procrastinator & didn't want to wait holding out on sharing her work anymore. Casey & I traded for Aiden's Party & I definitely ended up on the winning side of that deal. She is a sweet mama & talented artist & I was incredibly honored she would even ask me to help.... it was a great excuse to catch up, too. Go check out her stuff... you'll love it.
And finally, I'll end with this unbelievable picture of Rachel McAdams. Dang, I love old Hollywood glamor. {image source unknown}

Happy Windy, Blustery Monday.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Anniversary to us.

We have been searching for a buffet for our dining room FOREVER, & we finally stumbled across the perfect one {for us} without even meaning to. (We had been using an old painted Ikea shelf to suit the purpose for a while.) Ry and I aren't too into the matchy-matchy, so we pulled from the undertones & picked a completely different wood & hue. I love that we typically don't get each other gifts for our anni & Christmas, and opt to invest in a home purchase for years to come. We are in love... to each other & with this piece. :)

Can't get enough of...

I can't get enough of this gown & I keep staring... Christian Dior's take on "something blue." Elegantly perfect & simply stunning. {via here.}
Can't get enough of the messy side braid... I wore them here & there last summer, but this year, call me lazy, but I have been rocking them already probably way too much... they are just too easy breezy to pass up. {via here.}
I can't get enough of Pinterest... It's a virtual pinning & tagging system for basically all images that you love... I am just getting started, but it is a beautiful, crazy, lovely world of fun.
Can't get enough of the Kate & her soon-to-princess{ness.} {18 days!}I keep looking at the Kate Middleton Look Book... every paparazzi shot of her ALL in one location? Yes, please.

Finally, I. can't. get. enough. of. Lindt's Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar. Its a new, very dangerous, obsession. So great paired with a glass of cab & smoked Gouda. I literally can't stop... and I am a bona fide vanilla girl all the way, so thats saying a lot.

Happy Monday... hopefully one of these new ditties will get you through the day.

Friday, April 8, 2011

I eat donuts, man.

I really don't think I could love this video more... Stella ALWAYS hits it right on the head. always. How great when kids are actually kids? She made this shoot so incredibly natural & it makes me love her even more.
Hip Hip Hipity Happy Friday people! Go eat some donuts.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

t-r-o-u-b-l-e spells trouble.

BIG Uh Oh... I am in MAJOR TROUBLE. I found J. Crews (un)official blog. I warn you... pack a lunch & bring your coffee... you'll be drooling for hours.

Oh & please do enjoy... but, I have no doubt you will.

Happy (just got Happier) Tuesday!