Monday, April 11, 2011

Can't get enough of...

I can't get enough of this gown & I keep staring... Christian Dior's take on "something blue." Elegantly perfect & simply stunning. {via here.}
Can't get enough of the messy side braid... I wore them here & there last summer, but this year, call me lazy, but I have been rocking them already probably way too much... they are just too easy breezy to pass up. {via here.}
I can't get enough of Pinterest... It's a virtual pinning & tagging system for basically all images that you love... I am just getting started, but it is a beautiful, crazy, lovely world of fun.
Can't get enough of the Kate & her soon-to-princess{ness.} {18 days!}I keep looking at the Kate Middleton Look Book... every paparazzi shot of her ALL in one location? Yes, please.

Finally, I. can't. get. enough. of. Lindt's Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar. Its a new, very dangerous, obsession. So great paired with a glass of cab & smoked Gouda. I literally can't stop... and I am a bona fide vanilla girl all the way, so thats saying a lot.

Happy Monday... hopefully one of these new ditties will get you through the day.


Ashlea Taylor said...

I love pinterest! And that chocolate looks quite delightful. :)

The UDG said...

The Christian Dior dress is to die for. So beautiful!