Thursday, July 28, 2011

craving fall.

If you live in Dallas, you no doubt know we are on our 27th consecutive day of the temperature being over 100 degrees. However, while I refuse to be one of those people who complain about this... (Hello, if you live in Texas, you knew it would be this way.) So instead, I have chosen to focus on the upcoming, incredible season that is FALL.

After purging & organizing my tear sheet cook book last night... I a) realized I have an over abundance of pumpkin recipes { however, you can never have enough} and b) I am so incredibly ready for the aforementioned pumpkin breads, chilis, & soups that come along with all things fall.

Then I was hit with Madewell's Fall Lookbook & I really can't get enough... from the layering & color combos, to the boots & belts. O man, my obsession with boots, I have no doubt, will never die. I will probably be a grandmother rockin' them (no pun intended) in the nursing home. I should move to Cali where boots year- around are acceptable.

What are y'all doing to beat the heat people? Popsicles sure are helping out, too. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

the 90's.

Confession: I love the blog, Children of the 90's. It is my guilty pleasure... really, go check it out. If you are anywhere remotely near my age, you will be hooked. Hello, they talk about lunchables, slap-bracelets, Lisa Frank, The Beets on Doug, Popples, Puffalumps, heads up- seven up, Littlest Pet Shop & N*sync. You know you are truly a child of the 90's when you recognize & feel severe nostalgia at EVERY. SINGLE post. {sigh.}

Side note: See the video? I saved up all my money for a Puppy Surprise. While this toy is a bit disturbing now... (right?) I lucked out & got 5 puppies!! I hit the jackpot. (however, one was a boy "runt?" really? they made runts. creepy.)

On that note, I am going to let you little 90's children in on a pretty tubular secret... this little secret quite possibly might revolutionize the rest of your summer. Or your life, for that matter:
Go to Pandora & find "Summer Hits of the 90's." I know... I know. I died right there in my seat on the train when I first heard it... someone had to resuscitate me.
Natalie Imbrulia, Alanis, LFO, Lit, Eagle Eye Cherry, Green Day & TLC. Need I say more?

Happy Friday's Eve & Happy 90's beboppin'!

Friday, July 15, 2011

the greatness that is the s'more.

There is no denying that I LOVE, adore, obsess over, indulge & truly, fully & whole heartedly appreciate that perfect concoction that is the s'more. It is literally my all-time favorite dessert. When I was little, there used to be pre-made microwaveable s'mores that you popped in the microwave & I would eat one almost everyday after school. {then they sadly discontinued them?}

We make "lazy man s'mores" at the Frazier casa VERY frequently... (animal or graham crackers, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips & marsh mellows poured ALL OVER a toaster oven pan) Try it... not quite as satisfying as over a fire, but it suffices the craving on a weeknight. If you get a chance & live in Dallas, Tillman's Roadhouse has some awesome s'mores for dessert with your own little burner.

Ohdeedoh posted a link for 5 creative s'more recipes that I am dying to try & I also found a tutorial on there for how to make a mini s'mores grill. How cute would this be for a party? A whole "s'moregesporg" of different fillings laid out on a table... it might just have to be the theme for my 30th.

On another random note, while you make these... download & listen to Chris Brown's "Beautiful People." (I know, I should not endorse him.) I have it on constant repeat... LOVE. You cannot help but dance along. Literally, we were just be- bopping to it in my office.

Happy Happy Friday & take some time to indulge in the greatness that is the s'more & "Beautiful People" this weekend.

PS - THANK YOU for all your kind comments, emails, texts, & calls with the news on Mini Frazier. We are extremely excited.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Here's hoping...

{via Vogue.}
SJP always does it well & does it right... although, I highly, no positively, doubt her daily life looks like that with little people running around the house. Maybe I should try vacuuming in stilettos as a start... Here's hoping I can have this much style & grace as when we have our little mini on January 20th, 2012. :)

Happy Friday's eve!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

random musings.

I am going to revamp our built- in shelves this weekend. {image via here.} Still debating on paint vs. wallpaper... however, there needs to be a whole lot a movin' & shakin' going on.
I found these links at Centsational Girl:

22 Ways to Arrange Your Shelves at Real Simple.

Steps for Styling a Bookcase at House Beautiful.

How to Style a Bookcase Like an Interior Designer by Simplified Bee.

Tips for Decorating Shelves or Bookcases at HGTV

I have to say, I have never been a tattoo girl, but if I was... these would definitely be right up my alley. So small & feminine. {image via here.}
I put a mini hammock in our crepe myrtle tree... when I say mini, I mean mini hammock. I can only sit on it... however, me & my Nook love our little "nook" in the tree & the breeze. {PS - Do any of you still read on your e-reader after getting an iPad? I can't seem to stop reading on it. I love the e-ink for my rusty ol' eyes.}
I have been loving old tin cans as vases lately... I cleaned out a bright, festive Italian crushed- tomato can ... the colors make me so happy & the sensibilty seems to scream "summer" to me. {image via here.}
This image makes me so happy, as well... mini salt & paper shakers in itsy- bitsy paper bags = genius. This screams summer party to me, as well. {image via here.}
I found this awesomely creative, delicious looking, drool inducing blog - Food Gawker. She finds a way to make anything & everything... my kinda girl. Check it out & be prepared to get hungry.
Awesome tutorial on fabric lanterns... I love how light and airy they are. Easy- peasy & super- de duper cute. These were added to the DIY list immediately {definite summer party material, as well.}
The Frazier's goal over the next month is to reorganize & conquer the garage... of course Annie Selke's garage is gorgeous. {image via here.} I mean, when when are the words "gorgeous" & "garage" ever used in the same sentence? Hey, a girl can dream, right? errrrrrr...
Vizslas are apparently the new cool thing... J.Crew is toting them & I have been spying them everywhere. The Fraziers absolutely, 100%, wholeheartedly agree & are not surprised at this new trend.. :) We love our Senga.
Don't worry, this image is just perfectly polish Kate Middleton... with her amazing hair & stunning dress. It's kind of a problem - I cannot get enough of her. {image via here.}

Yes, lots of random musings... Oh happy day!


Another reason this little blog has suffered as of late... MF Creative Designs. There are about 8 new projects posted if you go to the site check it out! I have LOTS more to post over the next few weeks, but its a sampling of where my little head, heart, & hands have been at. Enjoy!