Thursday, July 7, 2011

random musings.

I am going to revamp our built- in shelves this weekend. {image via here.} Still debating on paint vs. wallpaper... however, there needs to be a whole lot a movin' & shakin' going on.
I found these links at Centsational Girl:

22 Ways to Arrange Your Shelves at Real Simple.

Steps for Styling a Bookcase at House Beautiful.

How to Style a Bookcase Like an Interior Designer by Simplified Bee.

Tips for Decorating Shelves or Bookcases at HGTV

I have to say, I have never been a tattoo girl, but if I was... these would definitely be right up my alley. So small & feminine. {image via here.}
I put a mini hammock in our crepe myrtle tree... when I say mini, I mean mini hammock. I can only sit on it... however, me & my Nook love our little "nook" in the tree & the breeze. {PS - Do any of you still read on your e-reader after getting an iPad? I can't seem to stop reading on it. I love the e-ink for my rusty ol' eyes.}
I have been loving old tin cans as vases lately... I cleaned out a bright, festive Italian crushed- tomato can ... the colors make me so happy & the sensibilty seems to scream "summer" to me. {image via here.}
This image makes me so happy, as well... mini salt & paper shakers in itsy- bitsy paper bags = genius. This screams summer party to me, as well. {image via here.}
I found this awesomely creative, delicious looking, drool inducing blog - Food Gawker. She finds a way to make anything & everything... my kinda girl. Check it out & be prepared to get hungry.
Awesome tutorial on fabric lanterns... I love how light and airy they are. Easy- peasy & super- de duper cute. These were added to the DIY list immediately {definite summer party material, as well.}
The Frazier's goal over the next month is to reorganize & conquer the garage... of course Annie Selke's garage is gorgeous. {image via here.} I mean, when when are the words "gorgeous" & "garage" ever used in the same sentence? Hey, a girl can dream, right? errrrrrr...
Vizslas are apparently the new cool thing... J.Crew is toting them & I have been spying them everywhere. The Fraziers absolutely, 100%, wholeheartedly agree & are not surprised at this new trend.. :) We love our Senga.
Don't worry, this image is just perfectly polish Kate Middleton... with her amazing hair & stunning dress. It's kind of a problem - I cannot get enough of her. {image via here.}

Yes, lots of random musings... Oh happy day!

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katie said...

i like that you're reading the hunger games in that pick ;) such a good summer read