Thursday, July 21, 2011

the 90's.

Confession: I love the blog, Children of the 90's. It is my guilty pleasure... really, go check it out. If you are anywhere remotely near my age, you will be hooked. Hello, they talk about lunchables, slap-bracelets, Lisa Frank, The Beets on Doug, Popples, Puffalumps, heads up- seven up, Littlest Pet Shop & N*sync. You know you are truly a child of the 90's when you recognize & feel severe nostalgia at EVERY. SINGLE post. {sigh.}

Side note: See the video? I saved up all my money for a Puppy Surprise. While this toy is a bit disturbing now... (right?) I lucked out & got 5 puppies!! I hit the jackpot. (however, one was a boy "runt?" really? they made runts. creepy.)

On that note, I am going to let you little 90's children in on a pretty tubular secret... this little secret quite possibly might revolutionize the rest of your summer. Or your life, for that matter:
Go to Pandora & find "Summer Hits of the 90's." I know... I know. I died right there in my seat on the train when I first heard it... someone had to resuscitate me.
Natalie Imbrulia, Alanis, LFO, Lit, Eagle Eye Cherry, Green Day & TLC. Need I say more?

Happy Friday's Eve & Happy 90's beboppin'!

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