Wednesday, March 10, 2010

for today.

Loving these thoughts for the day...
My husband's motto in life is "mind over matter," & I'm slowly trucking along & working on making it mine as well... it really is unbelievable what you can talk yourself into, {or out of, for that matter}... and that someone simply being around you daily can gradually alter your overall mindset so dramatically.
I am also loving this concept LV ran with. Wow, how refreshing & beautiful... headlines read "Curvy, Adult, Diverse Models Walk Louis Vuitton."
and to top it off, who's not ready for summer?
{photo credits? I pulled so long ago & forgot to save sources?}


Ann Marie said...

i love that audrey hepburn quote!

NGJagers said...

i loved concept for the LV show.
Really dingy about it.

Andy Quirks said...

you have such a lovely blog my dear! i so love that last photo!

will follow!