Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I just spent an amazing weekend in San Antonio with two of my dearest friends, Molly and Sarah. It could not have come at a more perfect time or be more refreshing. It involved lots of eating, shopping, and chatting. Its pretty much non-stop talking when we all get together and I love it. There just something about a girls weekend that can't be replaced... plus, I left with a new found love for pairing dark chocolate & wine. {I know, I know, duh, but I have always been a milk chocolate girl, or more like a vanilla girl.} These two know me and love me well & I am so appreciative for them...
It is neat to see the role that each friend or family member plays in your life... I tend to go to different people for different circumstances. I just think it is so neat that Lord uses surrounding people here on earth to play certain roles and be here with us as either comfort, encouragement, humor, sympathy, advice, or love.... and they are all so present & needed at just the right time. They play a devine earthly role of pieces of the Lord in the flesh.
Its so humbling to look around every now to appreciate and recognize specific purposes... and it is weekends like this that make me feel so blessed.

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Wynne & Stephen said...

you are such a talented writer! love your new posts - completely agree about friendships here on earth - well said!