Wednesday, February 3, 2010

little muses.

There's no denying... I am in love with MK & Ash. (ever since freshman yr.- right Lang?) Not only are they little chic fashionistas that send me drooling over their wardrobes, but they are business entrepreneurial moguls. I just saw today that they launched another collection, Olsenboye. It has a lower price point and is focused juniors’ casual apparel and accessories. The new collection celebrates New York City, and items retail for between $20 and $50, (available only at JCPenny.)
This apparel is not really geared to appeal to me or my generation, but there are a few cute pieces. I am just more impressed that that have successfully created another line, this time allowing fashion to be appreciated and consumed at a reasonable, realistic level.
I know, who doesn't love Elizabeth & James... If there was one collection I would love to own in its entirety, it would take the cake. {eh, in competition & combination with J. Crew.} They just have such an amazing balance of femininity and edge. I only own one edgy, distressed black dress from them due only to the fact that it was purchased at a sample sale and deeply discounted... but their quality and fit are impeccable. I just wish they were a touch more affordable. I just cannot justify trendy pieces for that price.... so I do love & admire their latest approach that makes fashion affordable at all levels. Maybe they can make an affordable adult line next... mark my words, I will be first in line.
Way to go on another success Mary Kate & Ash... I still am in love!

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