Friday, February 5, 2010


I have an all-out obsession with anything over scaled or teeny-tiny. {so does my mother} I still, to this day, receive some trinket for my dollhouse {that my daddy built me} every Christmas in my stocking. My Dollhouse is, by far, my all-time favorite Christmas gift. My heart & soul went into decorating that dollhouse growing up... I would save up to all my monies for a trip to MJD or Through-the-Keyhole. My mother also used to collect miniture items when she was little & saved them all for me in two boxes I would riffle through for hours on end. I really cannot wait to pack up each room & give them as gifts to my future daughter one day.
Ok, back on topic... I think I fainted at my desk {again} when I saw these itty bitty letters & packages that you can actually send someone! {They have them for all different occasions.} You can check out all that they offer at The World's Smallest Postal Service.
Mom, I know you just fainted, too.