Monday, February 15, 2010

snow day.

I know, I apologize... everyone is over the snow pictures, it was just so monumental for Dallas. 12.5" is unbelievable here... life just seemed to stop for a small while, {Besides getting stuck in the snow for over an hour due to the trains just deciding to randomly stop working} it was magical. Chocolate-chip pancakes, eggs, coffee and snowmen made up our Friday morning.... then life hit again & we were called into work. However, those 2 hours of feeling no responsibility, schedule, or concern were absolutely irreplaceable. Why can't that happen more often? I swear, it must add years to our life expectancy, and prevent many, many wrinkles.


Katie G said...

Melanie! Beautiful pictures! What a special day!! I'm J! We just had freeeeezing cold and raaaaaiin! It wasn't fun! :-( but the sun is shining now! :-)

katie said...

those pictures are fantastic! senga is soo pretty

Sean and Brianne said...

oh my gosh i cant believe your backyard.. this is crazy!! love you guys miss you!!!