Friday, January 29, 2010

two more things...

1) I feel that I must confess: I have a husband who loves & adores Rap & R&B... always has, always will. His loyalties mainly lying with Jay-Z, but the gamut ranges. As for me, I have pretty consistently always loved rap & hip hop, {B is pretty much my only compadre in this area.}, but spending time with Ryan over the past 5 years has has dramatically increased this musical inclination. We jam to hip hop & rap playing pretty frequently... our house & car speakers get some major loving. This is not a fad or a trend, we've stayed pretty true over the years... I just fear our anthem will one day be ringing true with our little ones one day. I worry that our kids will be rapping in preschool & dressing like Jay Z. I have a funny time mentally segwaying certain stages of life into the next, but I know its inevitable...your life continues and they bebop right along next to you. With anything, I love that when preparing for the transition into different stages of life, it mentally seems so daunting and jarring, but life just thumps right along, the Lord prevails, you adjust, you stay inherently the same, and you keep on jamming...

On that note, I miss listening Lauryn Hill.... how great is this pic of her? We need to bring her back into my everyday beats.

P.S. no, we are not expecting. :)

{image via here.}

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