Friday, January 8, 2010

twenty- ten.

Goals for 2010: {in no particular order}

* Drink more water. {benefits here.} This was on my list last year... but the goal this year is to step up the hydration. {fact: Camelback waterbottles seem to help me.}

* Be more on time to work, yet still make room to have "my mornings." Time to sit, read, sip, eat, and relax...

* Buy more fresh food, more consistently. {click here for how to do so on a budget.}

* Spend more time with Jesus & in the Word... more frequently & with anxiousness.

* Try one new recipe {at least} every other week. {and put to use my trusty cookbooks...}

* Wear my heels more often. {I sadly buy them & love them, but rarely strut them come decision time.}

* Be more intentional with others around me... a better listener. lover. and doer.

* Find a consistent time to exercise & make it count when I'm there.

* Spend & soak up more time with family whom I love dearly.

* Save. Save. Save. 2010 is the year of saving at the Frazier household. We do things economically & inexpensively, its something I actually pride myself in: our great deals, purposing, & budget shopping, but not every economic and inexpensive item is necessary. Discernment is my key this year.

* When I do buy something... only buy what I love. {not because its on sale.} Only what I find beautiful & inspiring. I once heard "never have anything in your home that you are not absolutely, positively, head- over heels in love with."
* Practice a more positive outlook on the little things and "take time to stop & smell the roses," as my grandfather always says. Soak up where I'm at be more unplanned, unscheduled, and as a follower of the plan that we cannot control...
Cheers to the new year!

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