Friday, January 22, 2010

my fav.

I ran an errand on my lunch break today at work & ended up with few extra minutes that I happily decided to use up... so I stopped over at my most very favorite shoppe, White Elephant Antiques. {off former Industrial Blvd., now Riverside Rd. in Dallas} I adore this place & have even become very fond of the owner, Kay. You most definitely have to go in with an open mind, a keen eye, scour through some {for a lack of better word} junk, by-pass the over priced indulgent items, and dig for your treasures... but I don't & have never hidden the fact that I love a treasure hunt! The search excites me... this is where I flourish & am happiest.
You can always score a sweet deal at White Elephant, and always come out with unique, eclectic accent pieces that you don't see everywhere. This trip in particular, I stumbled across some awesome plaster wall sconces. I do have to restrain my giddiness & my checkbook when I'm in there... you definitely could walk out broke and then some... You also have to be selective, but they never disappoint.
p.s. - Don't let the word "antique" scare you... they do have their share of china, Wedgewood, and depression glass, but, their merch. ranges anywhere from mid-century modern pieces and yummy decor accessories, to international finds & funky, found objects.
{Its really fun to peruse the whole Antique Area... there are so many great dives, I just run in my favorite when I am short on time.} Enjoy!


Allison said...

I gave you a shout out on my blog...remember that chalkboard I asked you about? Hoping to make/find one of my own...

Thanks for the inspiration - hope you don't mind me copying!

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