Thursday, January 28, 2010

LL Photography

I have some pretty darn talented & creative friends... the expertise ranges anywhere from photography & set producing, to design & singing, to just flat out pure creativity in their daily lives... some of them do it as their hobbies, others get to do it as their daily profession.
It has been so neat to see one of my best friends {since 2nd grade}, Lauren {Carter} Larsen, develop her talent not only in the photography world, but also as her business & livelihood. She has a rare talent of capturing genuine emotion from her subjects and turning them into true works of art.
Her daughter, Life, is probably one of my favorite subjects for her to shoot, for very obvious reasons. And Lauren?.. she's one cute, chic little lady her self.
We talk & dream about one day me getting to work for her... that stage of life would be {will be} a blast if & when it presents itself. Until then, I get to observe her work and blog about her from a {close} far...
Check her out: LL Photography & her blog.


katie said...

soooo cute

Anonymous said...


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