Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the 'brary.

There is no denying I fully take advantage of the Public Library... that and the Public Transportation system. I feel its my own little contribution to the the environment, as well as a nice contribution to my budget.
When I am in the library, I get so overwhelmed and excited and think, "why is everyone packed in here and in on this little secret?" I will say, our library is wonderful. There are so many books on CD, an awesome DIY/craft book section, and they don't disappoint by doing a great job keeping multiple copies of the popular fiction thrillers. I can call ahead or log on, reserve my books, and they are waiting for me in the front when I arrive. If they don't have my book, they put me on a waiting list that I can keep track of my place online, plus, they call and let me know when its available to come pick up. They have all the latest DVDs that Blockbuster has to rent for free. They have "Book Club Bags," where your book club can check out a canvas tote filled with 15 copies of a book with discussion questions and topics, and they just re-did the children's reading area and it is now so creative and stimulating... I can't wait to bring kids there for story time. They also have monthly book signings & book readings by very prominent authors... and to top it all off, they are always willing to help with your book hunt at the drop of a hat.
My only downfall when it comes to the 'brary is that I cannot seem to keep track of when my books are due... and while the late fees are only a quarter, they can add up, somewhat defeating the purpose. I found this awesome little Book Calendar on Etsy. You can download it as many times as you want, print, and tack up as a little reminder. The little book worm in me squealed with delight when I saw this... love it. love it.



I spent a happy afternoon in my university library today and made some amazing book purchases in the old book bit also defeating the object. I will be blogging about them later check them out. :)

the rains family said...

i LOVE this! so cute... too bad its "sold out" on her etsy site. any idea of how else to get a copy? thanks for always posting the BEST finds and great ideas! :)