Monday, January 11, 2010


I am attempting to slowly, and on a budget, add colour into our kitchen... it is a bit modern for my taste. I love the materials, but the palette is a little cold. I was in Anthro getting some latte bowls on a gift card from my brother, and was torn on the purchase when saw some awesome coloured glass containers next to them. I finally opted for the bowls, & decided to save the cash & attempt them myself. I had an old carafe, mason jar, and vinegar bottle that I periodically used for bud vases laying around, so I decided to give them new life & color.

You can use any acrylic paint color you like. {I just used some colours I already had & would match some of the bowls: turquoise, red, and cream.} All you have to do is pour a large quantity of paint into the bases & sides of the container, cover with a paper towel, either shake or roll the glass until the paint covers the entire interior, and sit to dry for a few hours. {For lighter colors you might need a few coats.} Simply coating the inside creates a polished, clean look on the outside, and is easy and inexpensive.
My dream has always been to paint the cabinets white, and eventually, maybe we will, but these added some character for the time being and was a fast, temporary fix.


tam pham said...

cute! i'll have to try that in the future...

Amber said...

wow that turned out great!