Thursday, April 23, 2009

survey says...

For their 75th anniversary issue, Glamour polled 16,000 women about body image and related issues. This poll was a follow-up on a groundbreaking survey the mag undertook back in 1984, and covered much of the same ground.The results tell us - among other things - that 40 percent of of women are still unhappy with our bodies for a variety of reasons.

Then, there was this follow up comment in this months issue:
It's much less socially acceptable for those of us who love our bodies to express it than it is for women with body image issues to do so. It's easy for female friends to commiserate about their body image issues. If a girl wants to diet, though she probably doesn't need to, her friends will sympathize and support her. If a girl genuinely loves herself the way she is, she is probably viewed with spite, derision, or at least suspicion - just like the suspicion that you have about the amount of positive survey respondents... But I guarantee there are more body-loving women around you than you realize, and they keep it to themselves because they feel the negative body image crowd will view it as bragging or doesn't want to hear it.

This comment really made me think & I'm not quite sure what I think about it... I have found your self confidence is about your environment & surrounding yourself with the people who love you for you, ie your heart, mind, opinions, morals and beliefs. The uncommon friend. (Beth Moore & B.S. last night)

This does sadden me that this is somewhat a reality in our society... do you find this comment to be true?
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NGJagers said...

ohhhh. thank you for sharing. True comment. For some sick reason- it is most acceptable to denigrate ourselves.

I'll say it: I have been feeling strangely confident... not due to any improvements. just contentment/confidence. More in person... at bs : )