Friday, April 3, 2009

10 Things for the Weekend.

My lofty (we'll see if they get checked off) list of plans for the weekend:
1) Make more artichoke dip... it was sooo yummy last night, we finished the whole tray, along with this lasagna toss. I do recommend.

2) Bust back out my blazer...
Dear JCrew,
you can make a potato sack look awesome.
Your obsessed admirer, Mel.

3) Continue my search for a mini lemon tree. (at a resonable cost.)

4) Make my chocolate chip bananna bread for our house guests!

5) Keep waiting for/checking on our baby ducklings in our backyard. The momma sits on the eggets and the daddy constantly swims circles in our pool on guard. I sorta love it.

6) I must admit, I can't wait to spring clean the Frazier home this weekend and play in my craft room, if it only looked like this... it is sick that I love to clean.
7) Attempt to hang a shelf in our dining room, like above, for our karafs and decanters.

8) Plant a few pots of cherry tomatos... I keep putting this off, & now they will not yield fruit until July, or so my gardening mentor Sarah Mac advises.

9) Ride my bike and hope someone answers my reply on for a used one that they might want to donate to lil ol' me.

10) Enjoy time with my hub whom I lub.


Lindsay Schardt said...

good blog, good blog

Anonymous said...

Mel, dont feel bad about the cleaning....Kyle and I spring cleaned his house 3 weekends ago when it was warm and sunny, and it felt great! I love to clean too. We opened all the windows, washed the screens, dusted, mopped, and did lawn work! It was glorious! But just to warn you, I have gotten some weirrrdddd looks from people when I say "i like to clean" haha so watch out! Enjoy your cleaning weekend!

katie said...

this is the cutest post of all time- i hope you had a great weekend!

NGJagers said...

love that picture of you and ry