Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Latest addition to the Frazier family coming late May!
We finally located a breeder and Vizsla momma we love with pretty lil puppies and one of her little female pups above will be ours very soon! They are 3 weeks old right now... and to top it off, they were born on our wedding day, March 29th.
She is meant to be a Frazier.
We can't wait... we already took a pretty run last night up to the library to rent a dog training dvd!
Welcome to the family little miss!


Lindsay Schardt said...

i can't wait to me your puppy!!

The Masons said...

ahhhh I can't believe yall are getting a vizsla!!! Gunner will be so proud :) I cannot wait to see pics of that precious little lady!!!

Chanes said...

so fun!!!

katie said...

ahhh thats so exciting!

anne said...

maybe she can be friends with berkley? :)