Thursday, July 29, 2010

sharing the wealth....

So, people... I wanted to share some great sites that can save you a booku of moola & are great for some great discount home decor. Now, some of them you probably know about... but lets pretend, for this post's sake, you have never heard of the internet & we'll start from the begining... "a very nice place to start." You have to keep your eye out & think outside the box... but these sites are where I typically browse before purchasing anything for our home. I try to scope them out regularly to see what they are offering: - Of course you have been here, but really, before I even buy anything from anywhere, even Home Depot or Target, I pop over to see if I can find it cheaper here. - Its more addicting than ebay... now, I can say I have never purchased anything from here, but really, your jaw will drop at some of the prices. {I am just leery of what the shipping costs would be?} - Become a member for free... and you can get some awesome, chic designer home decor items for up to 70% off. Most of the items are of great quality, for a fantastic price. - Its hit or miss, but you can buy returns & overstock items from some large retail companies... like, I said, hit or miss, but worth the perusal. - People always ask how I find estate sales... well, mainly, the hidden gems are found when I am driving around & happen on one {and I never pass it up}... but this site lets you plug in your zip & find some ops in your area. {sometimes, some of the sales listed are by the companies that come in & put it on & can be a tad overpriced... You have the best luck with the private sellers.} - duh again, but I know a lot of people go there merely for gifty, cutesy items, but they also sell great fabric & some furniture pieces. love.

lewis& - before I buy fabric from anywhere, I check them out first. They always have the cheapest fabric by the yard prices... also, you can physically call Zimman's (781. 598.9432) which is a fabric store I stumbled upon online based in Massachusetts, and see if they carry your fabric. They are so helpful & will ship it to you, anywhere, as well. - of course... but you can always find some great little bargains.
I always spy some great treasures on these sites... not like I indulge regularly, but when I am searching for something specific, they are helpful... and its fun to dream, right? Now go check them out... ok, perf.
Now all I need is that cutie little nugget above in the pic... Happy Friday's eve!



Thank you so much for the goodwill link.

Lisa xx

the Jennings secede from the South said...

I've never heard of the onekingslane site- thanks!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..