Thursday, July 8, 2010

Graphic patterns.

{We need to really start taking pictures in the daylight.}

So for the past couple of months, {which is a long time for me, at least, to think about something} I have been contemplating adding a graphic pattern to the back wall of our dining room to make things a bit more cohesive, modernize it a bit, & add some interest. Our dining room is really long... so the back wall could easily handle some pizazz.
Eventually, we want to get a buffet or console to complete our set and fill out this wall... most likely something rustic & with some character. We are ready for one, but we have been keeping our eyes out for one we really love. I have been spying a few more seriously... but, we'll see....
So, back to the wall... I looked into papering a modern graphic pattern, painting stripes or chevrons, or all out painting the whole room over again. Then I stumbled across the concept of stencils... you get the same look, but its not a permanent choice (because things never stay the same around the Frazier household) and its instant gratification.
Now, I know, the word stenciling scares you... At least for me it did. I brought me back to the mid 1980's with grapevines or teddy bears painted on the wall.
So I did ALOT of researching & stumbled across a few companies that had some more modern, chic options. I ended up ordering mine from Royal Design Studio because I loved their options, the stencils were larger & got my designer discount.
Finally, after reading 4 pages of instructions, settling on a color, and putting paintbrush to wall... I ended up really happy with it. {another great company is Whitewall & Co.}
You should give it a try... its a really cost effective way to update your room without permanently altering your aesthetic too much. It made me a believer.


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I did have ribbon and roses in my jr. high bedroom. i do like this much more.