Wednesday, July 21, 2010


For my birthday this year, {which I am fully aware is 2 months away}, I am asking for our wingback chair to be recovered. I picked it up at an estate sale about 9 months back because I absolutely loved the shape of it... for the time being, the green linen color was not horrible, so we decided to hold off on recovering for a bit. But now, I have been doing my research and am ready for an update. I have been scoping out fabric choices and looking into some quotes. I thought you all might find these charts helpful, just to file away in your little noggin for future reference... or to use now when trying to decide your yardage quantities. Man do I love little helpful charts like this... welp, for that matter, any little organizational chart is pretty darn great in my book.

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NGJagers said...

ill be interested to see where you find the most affordable upholsterer... i have little chairs im working on. again and again sure does cute things... but they know it : / i'll let you know what i find too