Thursday, July 15, 2010

my buddy.

Its been just the two of us this week... and, there are no rules for Miss Senga with me. She was fully allowed to tag team type as my partner on the computer & snuggle up on the couch. She assisted me on downloading some really fun new font suites, and helped in making my own font, which I can't wait to play with. She, also, encouraged me through my on-going quest to master Illustrator and finally, she helped as I searched & scoured for some cheap frames on the net, as I was inspired by these beauties below.

Happy Friday's eve!


Ashley said...

oh Sanga is loving life this week!!

Emily Nickson said...

Senga is saying "Life is good!" Let me know if you find some fun cheap frames. I have been toying with the idea of doing something with frames in my hallway. Great minds think alike :). Love you!!

Anonymous said...

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