Monday, July 26, 2010

not a deep post, but long post.

I have had some random questions/ comments/ emails about decorating/ DIY/furniture from our home... so here it is:
I go through moments of being so overwhelmed with beautiful images on blogs that I almost get in a home decorating rut. Anyone else...? There are so many styles, so many color palettes, so many shapes, so many aesthetics, so many furniture options, so many textures... I get so over stimulated that I get confused on our own direction & sensibility. There are thousands of beautiful, great, DIY projects & images out there in the blogosphere that I want to try them all, but then I start to wonder why I am changing things sometimes. Change for change sake? Or am I confused?
Ryan and I are lucky in the fact that we have very similar tastes in furniture and colors... we usually gravitate towards the same style, swatch, or color. We both had some furniture to contribute either passed down from parents or from living alone before we got married. However, when we started buying things on our own, our only rule to was to get quality pieces that would last a long time, that would be inter -changeable from room to room, and we absolutely HAD to love it.
We, also, have been somewhat lucky in the fact that I work for a great retailer that sells furniture to its corporate employees at annual salvage sales... they usually have some scratches or dents, but duh, that has never stopped Ryan & I. {We are also estate sale pros now.} We usually have to make snap decisions in a flurry, and in those times have LOVED some of the pieces we come home with and some we wonder, "what were we thinking." {They are usually such bargains though, you take the good with the bad.}
So back to the topic at hand, when it comes to personally investing in the larger pieces we have bought, we take a long time looking around & weighing our options. Again, all that it boils down to is that we have ended up loving every single piece. I feel like they are somewhat timeless & can be switched in/ out of different rooms as our life/ family changes and they can be played & dressed up or down with accessories dependant on the purpose at hand. I tend to usually stick with my sensibility and what I think I know. I am not good at investing in crazy pieces due to my fear that I will regret it or it won't stick around long... so my crazy ideas come in the form of paint, DIY, and accessories.
So when I see so many different images with different ideas, different palettes, different styles, different rules... "pair this with this, don't do this, or for sure do that." I get overwhelmed and confused... yet, I have come to the conclusion that only I can make up my own rules. Yes, somethings can look better to the eye and there are the definite, basic design rules to follow for balance sake, but I am resolving to only stick to what I LOVE only... whether that be against the grain & not following the rules, or mixing styles, or pairing wrong colors & shades, & juxtaposing the fancy luxury with estate sale bargains. I am done with being confused and changing things just for change sake... I know what I love and I'm sticking to it. Whether its breaking a rule or not... who cares.
At the end of the day, we are the ones that have to love coming home to home... so chose & decide for yourself what you love & own it. There is no right or wrong.
capiche? Thank you for listening to my not so deep thoughts. Happy Monday.

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