Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Has anyone seen this {fairly new} art installation in Deep Ellum? I am usually not a fan of modern or contemporary art, but these little tweety birds & traveling robot man just happen to strike my fancy.
These are a series of three installations called “The Traveling Man” for the new DART Greenline station {shout out DART!} off of Good Latimer. It is a collaboration by Brad Oldham and Brandon Oldenburg.

The traveling man story, in short, is because Deep Ellum is home to so much history. The birds are an interpretation of the beautiful sounds of all the musician & "songbirds" who have been a part of this past. {form meets function as these birds are also seatbacks on their backsides.} And, the materials, design and execution were selected to look towards the future of Deep Ellum. Full story here.
What a fun sight for Dallasites to enjoy. I'm really am so proud, Dallas. Pat on the back...

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Brandon Oldenburg said...

It makes me sooo happy to see posts like this! Glad you dig the sculptures!