Wednesday, December 2, 2009

first snow.

In snow thou comest --
Thou shalt go with the resuming ground,
The sweet derision of the crow,
And Glee's advancing sound.
In fear thou comest --
Thou shalt go at such a gait of joy
That man anew embark to live
Upon the depth of thee.
- Emily Dickinson
Our first snow of the season drifted on us in Dallas this morning... I woke up late, opened the windows, crawled back in bed and laid there to soak it up for a few minutes. It seemed so peaceful outside... so quiet and unintrusive. I then proceeded turn on the Christmas tree lights, sit on the floor to stare outside while eating my breakfast & sipping on my eggnog coffee. It was nice to just be before the morning got away from me... granted, I missed my train, but you don't look back on life & remember the times you were on time to work, right? Oh, it was so glorious to just sit & ponder for a few.
{side not: If you can tell above, Senga was flipping out at the unknown white coldness on the ground... I tried to catch it with my iphone cam.}

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