Monday, December 21, 2009

pizza thursdays.

Fact: Ryan and I have Pizza ate least once a week, most of the time, twice.
Wine & Pizza Thursdays has become out tradition of sorts... Thursdays are such a tempting taste of the weekend, and pizza just happens to make the day a tad bit sweeter. {I gather its not the healthiest of habits, but you gotta do what you gotta do.} I can't wait to carry on the tradition when we have kids... it just seems like a fun, scrumptious little kick start to the weekend.... thin crust. lots of gooey mozzarella & Colby jack cheese. roasted garlic marinara. purple onion. peperoni. Parmesan. hot pepper. oregano. basil. pepperocini. parsley. minced garlic. pineapple. bell pepper. mmmm mmmm. {Our pizza stone is gaining oodles of character as the weeks progress...}
Last night we got to share our pizza tradish with some best freinds... It was a nice sneak peek into what life will hopefully look like 30+ years down the road, hopefully with little nuggets running around, bellies full & pizza sauce smeared all over their little faces.
Sounds just delightful...

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Beth Ann said...

sounds so yummy! do you make your own dough/have a good recipe?