Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry (late) Christmas! xoxo, the Fraziers

Hope you all had a magical Christmas... ours was quick and jam packed with both of our huge families, but so wonderful & relaxing! I feel like I have been MIA in the blogosphere...
Some of you asked how we did your Christmas cards this year, so I thought I would share! They were relatively easy, and they just took a bit assemble.
I designed them as 5 x 7 postcards, so I still had to pay regular postage, since the limitation is 4 x 6. (whoops!) (+ $.04 for the envelope that stuck out.)
I got the 5 x 7 document printed at Thomas Reprographics on an ivory, textured card stock. We do a lot of business with TR, and they always do a stellar job, so I try to give them all my personal jobs, as well. They printed 2 sided 5 x 7 postcards & the 2 x 3.5 insert cards.
I ordered my envelopes from They are always fast, efficient, & cost effective.
Finally, I used to order our prints through. I know, I know.. Walmart is not the greatest quality, but they are always inexpensive & quick. They will also drop ship to our local Neighborhood Walmart, so they are good enough for me.
Ryan was a HUGE help & we just used Super 77 spray adhesive (which, I swear by) to mount the stuffed envelopes and the photo to the postcard. Then all we had left to do was stamp those suckers and address them!
How crazy is it that 2010 is already knocking at our door... tis the season!


Wynne & Stephen said...

l love love loved your christmas card! so glad you put on here how you did them - very helpful! what program did you design them on? are you a mac person? miss and love you!

Will and Vanessa said...

I knew I recognized that address. I used to live on Weatherred Drive. That once cute house (maybe it still is) with a red door that is on a hill, that is right where the intersection to where your street is. I am sure I passed by your house a thousand times.

Happy Christmas!

Monica said...

I saw your card on Lauren & Matt's fridge and spent the next few minutes inspecting glad you shared the story of it's cuteness! I love your little blog and all of the fun projects that you post. Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy a blessed New Year!!!

Amber said...

how cute!!