Monday, September 28, 2009

home again, home again...

I got to spend the last 9 days straight with this boy on an unbelievable trip... great to be home, but missing the freedom and lack of responsibility a vacation warrants.
High Points:
- We saw 6 states in 8 days.
- Got to spend great time with the Fraziers, and lost in many games of spades.
- Dined on Tapas with Stroupe and Rusty, then went to a fun dive jazz bar for sips.
- Went to the Monrovian Tile Museum in Bucks County. Loved it.
- Saw U2 perform in concert in Giants stadium... jammed with the best of the other Jersians in attendance.
- Got to finally see NM's little baby CUSP in the flesh.
- Ate a yummy lunch in central park in the sunny weather.

- Walked to a arts & crafts fair in downtown, Newtown.
- Got showered with amazing J- Crew b-day goodies from the in laws.
- Found my new all- time favorite dessert, white chocolate covered sherbet balls, at a fabulous Italian restaurant in New Town, La Stalla. Thank you Fraziers!
- Went to the Jersey shores, stuck our feet in the Atlantic, and romped around the beach.
- Indulged in plenty of seafood... mainly LOTS of crab cakes and crab dip, oh and more crab.
- Did some fun shopping.
- Grabbed some wine, cheese, meat, fruit, and crackers from a local DC farmers market, walked to the Lincoln monument, and had a picnic.
- Ate unbelievable homemade ice cream on the sidewalk and people watched in Georgetown.
- Went to the new Top of the Rock to snag an amazing view of the city I adore.
- Meandered around Annapolis, ate more crab, spent great time with awesome friends in Maryland, and danced our feet off.

and how, we're home... and I do love home, but again, miss the adventure. We soaked up lots time together and it made me so excited for the rest of life together... wherever that may be.


katie said...

oo man your trip sounds incredible- yall always seem to have the best adventures!

Kate said...

mmmmm crab :) glad you enjoyed the AWESOME East Coast :)