Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I don't know if any of you people have heard of the TED conferences, but in previously admitting my dorkiness, I might as well fess up and share with you my love of listening to these inspiring talks.(posted on their site)The main concept or mission of TED is promote & share "Ideas worth Spreading." Every year TED puts on a 3 -4 day conference in varying cities, and if you have the wallet or privilege to attend, you are able to hear from some of the most intelligent, inspiring, and creative people from the widest gamut of industries combined. They have anyone from engineers to authors to politicians... and they are 15 minute little excerpts that will no doubt leave you thinking differently and more inspired. Just today I stumbled across this link for viewing all of the seminars for free... and they are catalogued by topic, speaker, and a brief synopsis with a link to ALL the talks:
click here
I just fell into a slice of cyber heaven.

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Scar said...

Oh my gosh, I listen to these all the time!