Friday, September 11, 2009


I am afraid I am a bit of a freak for fall and the changing of seasons and I adore to nest and change up the wall color a tad bit too often. It is a problem. I fear that this combination is never good... Ry walks in daily and something is moved and worries we are going to loose about 3 inches worth of square footage on on every wall due to our multiple coats of paint.
We painted our living room, ehh, 4 months ago, and this was after buying three cans of paint.... and I still hate the color. So, in the spirit of fall, pumpkins, and warmth, the walls are going to be washed in a warm glow of orange. We have some orange in our bedroom, and I love it. Now I am not talking painting it a crazy circus orange, but a candlelight orange.... Here the point of this post and the question: Is this very wrong to want to paint your walls to match the seasons?
See, this is a problem. Nonetheless, I am extremely excited and hope to finally mesh the aesthetics of the room. I might even keep this one for a while... :) I'll keep you posted on orange. Cheers to fall!


the rains family said...

this month's better homes and gardens has a terrific article on "cozy orange" on the walls... and they consistently encourage painting for the seasons. :)

please post pics of your home... i am dying to see where all your creativity gets funneled! :)

katie said...

go for it! house beautiful also showed some great orange. it's the most cost efficient way to make a huge impact. your home is so beautiful already- i'm sure it's always on the up and up getting more and more loved and cozy...and ready for tiny fraziers someday! hope to see yall soon!