Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the crew.

I went on a little researching quest to dissect and educate myself more on Miss Jenna Lyon's, the creative director of J. Crew and the genius visionary
who has shot J. Crew's recent sales through the roof and elevated their name to a status symbol, as of late. This little discovery trip began promptly after literally drooling over the new fall merchandise in their recently released August catalog. The styling, selection, buy, and texture combinations are fabulous. Jenna is a little creative force that cannot be reckoned with. She is also quickly becoming my hero :). She came in to shake things up and give J. Crew a much needed face lift... and succeeded in an economy that likes to stick true to what it knows right now. Kuddos to you Jenna!
Click here to read her intriguing and inspiring interview at the Huffington Post... my favorite quote from Jenna in this convo:
"There is always something borrowed from the boys and always something borrowed from grandma..."
I love this concept of pairing a more structured, rugged, and loose look with a more sweet, feminine, and soft appeal.
P.S. - If someone would like to buy me the entire Fall 2009 Collection, I wouldn't complain. Just saying. (Now I can't wait to see what they come up with for Resort 2010...)

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