Monday, January 26, 2009

Wu Wu.

Jason Wu.
who is he?
I'm so happy that Michelle Obama chose to wear Jason Wu, not really because I'm a big fan of his, but I like that she is supporting new, upcoming fashion talent. I really can't even begin to imagine how much this one dress will boost his career. (I don't really know how great the dress looked on her... ehhhh)
However, "Since he launched his label three years ago, it's seemed as if Jason Wu has been auditioning to replace Oscar de la Renta or Carolina Herrera. He certainly has the immaculate Park Avenue thing down cold, should either of the legends decide to step down. But for Spring, inspired by a trip to Japan, where his business has been growing like gangbusters, Wu added an element of quirky whimsy that should broaden his appeal beyond the young ladies-who-lunch set. It came through in the form of a fuchsia cashmere T-shirt worn with an embroidered, dotted micro-pleat skirt, and again in the mix-and-match neons of a cardigan, a bow-front blouse, and a full A-line skirt. "(
Michelle definately won the the apraisal of young, little fashionistas everywhere for her admirable leap of faith. Way to go Michelle for not taking the typical route. Everyone deserves their big break.


Lindsay said...

oh shoot, i thought she looked great!

NGJagers said...

You know, I thought she looked lovely as well. But here are a few thoughts:

1. I think she looks most glamorous with her hair up/back.

2. The long train seemed to cause her a little trouble as she danced to "at last". 10 different times.

3. I appreciate her unconventional beauty and look forward to see how designers create looks for her long legs, short waist and and athletic figure.