Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have puppy fever... mainly Vizsla (Hungarian breed of pointing dog) fever. I think these lil canines are so beautiful... Ry & I are not opposed to labs, but these little presh pups steal my heart every time I look at them. ( I google search them a lot! )

A Cup of Jo posted this link on dog whisperers from the New York Times... pretty interesting.

also, on this note, if you have not seen Marley and Me, IT IS A MUST. I know it might have some cheese smothered on it, but it by far the most wholesome, family-value oriented movie that I have seen in a while. Yes, it indeed makes you heave and bawl, but come on, who doesn't need a good cry?
its a dog eat dog world.


katie said...

o my goodness my heart just melted. you guys would be cuuute puppy parents!

Chanes said... friend just posted a blog entitled "fever" as well....her "fever" is for a baby.... I'm hoping i don't catch either of yalls "fever"s!!! Lord knows I don't need another dog or a small child. :-)

Delilah and Rocket said...

First we steal your heart then we steal your underware, your victoria secret bras, your shoes!!!!! We need TONS of exercise.

The Masons said...

Hi Melanie! I came across your blog and I just LOVE it. You're so cute! I am obsessed with these vizsla photos! They look just like Gunner - our Vizsla! Yall should definitely get one :) But watch out if you do, they are crazy hyper pretty much all the time! but i think that's what makes them so fun!

hope you're doing great! ps. where do you find all the lovely photos you put on your blog? Do you just google search for them?! I love it.