Wednesday, January 28, 2009

sad day.

my good freind sara informed me of this devastating news.
i am boo hooing.
check it out here: domino folds.


Chanes said...

can't say i'm the biggest fan of "domino" (too many ads) but i nearly cried when "blueprint" went under!!

Beth Ann said...


Chanes said...

thank you dear. i have noted the hiatus but just didn't feel compelled to write. I was hoping a lame survey would spur me back.....and I think it might have done the trick! :-)

NGJagers said...

It is really a sad piece of news. The world will be a darker place after the March issue.

I was VERY upset about Blueprint/Bluelines closing as well (especially with my allegiance to martha)

What is it with decor literature targeted at our demographic?! are we supposed to buy more to support or something?