Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially here and I could not be more possibly thrilled. While most may think it neurotic, one of my favorite things about this season is cleaning. I am actually one of those crazy, weird people that thoroughly enjoys cleaning, organizing, and purging. {For those of you in the Dallas area that are wanting to rid yourself of some unwanted clutter... keep this sale & great cause in mind.}

I'm not officially starting till this weekend, but all the linen drapes are down and being washed, and all the bedding at the dry cleaners. It is the greatest feeling in the world & I am so looking forward to getting after it this weekend. I don't know if it is the feeling of a fresh start & welcoming in the new season... or the fact that you get to take care of the possessions you have been blessed with.... or the fact that you get to be at home, enjoying your space, with the windows open & the smell of lemon pledge in the air.... but, to me, it is wonderful.

Any checklist, how to, or tip you need? I love this source. and this one.

My best friend is going to be the magic erasure this weekend and I could not be more thrilled! Happy Wednesday!

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