Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Historically Hardcore.

I think one of my favorite things to see is when an older, well- known, very serious establishment throws a curve ball with clever, witty and relevant advertising... even the design & layout is fresh & clean.

Sadly, these ads, however, are fake and were done by an art student & a copy writer, Jenny Burrows & Matt Kappler, posing current pop icons against historical figures. The Smithsonian actually requested to have them removed. What? {see here.}

While I swim in the world of retail design, my heart lies with my advertising / marketing major that wants to scream -"Smithsonian, get on board! Free and fresh marketing right in your face!"

Nonetheless... these posters did make me chuckle a bit. "Historically Hardcore." genius.


Jouleen Dering said...

i just love your blog! i just discovered it and read like 50 posts already! i love your photos and creativity and designs-- they're fabulous, as are you!
it's been a while but i hope you are well!

The UDG said...

I completely agree with your post 100%. Maybe the Smithsonian was embarrassed they didn't come up with it first?