Saturday, March 12, 2011

ABC Home

Please excuse the horrible photo quality... I have never claimed to be good at takings pics. Ever. :)
We went to ABC Home when we were in New York this past November... One of my coworkers told me we would love it and that we had to carve out time for a visit. So, while it was a tad out of the way since we were planning on being in Brooklyn for the day, we got up early, trained it to the Flatiron district & made it our first stop... And boy it was so worth the trip. Everything is impeccably editorially styled. So much so that you don't even know where to begin looking. There is so much eye candy and beautiful merchandise that you literally have to wipe the drool of your chin as you meander through all the EIGHT floors of the store.
The furniture there can be found in every style and material imaginable and all of the lighting is breathtaking. The vendors they represent will make you swoon and ohhh, the stacks and stacks of dishes... All amazing. From ceiling treatments and fabrics to the flooring choices and hardware bins... the textures, colors, and space are unbelievable and well, well worth a visit next time you are in NYC. Enjoy!


Catherine said...

The place is amazing! And last time I was there, Parker Posey was there buying a lavender couch.

Anonymous said...

ABC ranks high on my list of places to see. So cool.