Sunday, February 8, 2009

the lodge.

One of my best freinds, Miss Sarah Etherine Langston came and graced Dallas with her presence this weekend. Of course, most of her visit was a sweet time to catch up with her and hang out, but some of it, rightfully so, was college reminising. I lived with 7, yes 7 girls, my senior year... in the Lodge. (which for 12 years prior to us, consisted of all boys inhabiting it.) It was a crazy, crazy(dirty) house, but because of these sweet girls, I can look back at Baylor University, and say with complete assuredness that they made Baylor what it is for me, and a lot of who I am today. This post is dedicated to the Lodge... I think that is all that needs to be said. Miss you all dearly... roll out. and peace out.


Chanes said...

Loved seeing you guys on Saturday. Thank you so much for buying a headband, I appreciate it so much!

Hope to see you again soon.

Chanes said...
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Anonymous said...

Mel, this post made me tear up a bit. Epic.