Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear CS4

Dear CS4,
I would like to own you. I would very much like for you to be installed on my computer at a very reasonable price. I would be extremely pleased if you appeared at home on my lil laptop for my designing pleasures. However, right now you are outrageously priced. Right now, upgrading does not fit in my reccesionista plans. Right now, I will have to wait until Obama is done taking all our money. I am sorry, by the time I am able buy you, I will probably loose my drive to work, be productive, or succeed, so you will be of no use to me... or my children... or my grandchildren.
A girl who is very confused about this "change"
This link is hilarious. Q&A about Stimulus Package

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Chanes said...

let me know if you want one of the sunscreens....i am gonna order later this week and you could save on having to pay your own shipping!