Wednesday, February 4, 2009

E & J.

MK & Ash, honestly, who is not intruiged/ infatuated with them? In the crazy place called Hollywood, they are always some of the cutestest, chicest, trendiest girls in celebrity world, or for that mattter gracing the pages of US mag. I mean, sometimes they manage to stagger very close to the fine line of homelessness, however, they never tred over. (If they toted a bottle in a brown sack as an accessory or they cruised around in Kroger shopping carts with the top perpetually down... hhhmmmm, they might teter in...) However, they DO have a unique style, and they seem to do it all their own. They never look boring. ever. Elizabeth & James, one of their labels, will be two years old this year!! I know they have been around, but I have been playing with some of their product for work, and I LOVE their new stuff! Check out their new threads at netaporter.